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Gereja Kristen Indonesia adalah salah satu denominasi Kristen di Indonesia

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In facts, there are many churches named GKI. Even in the membership of Communion of Churches in Indonesia (CCI) there are 6 churches named GKI. The first three were GKI West Java, Central Java and East Java. The next two are GKI North Sumatra and GKI (Gereja Kristen Injili) Irian Jaya, and the last one is Huria Kristen Indonesia (HKI) from Bataknese means GKI, too. We heard also about GKI Nederland, GKI San Jose, GKI San Bernadino, GKI LA and many other GKIs. The GKI of CyberGKI is the first church named GKI as proved by its historical milestones. The name was chosen with deep theological reasoning.

Theologically, or more acurate, ecclesiologically, the question 'what is GKI' must be answered by this: GKI is its whole members. These members are gathered in the parishes, parishes are gathered in presbyteries, presbyteries are gathered in synods, synods are gathered in (general) synod. In this case, we believe church is not only reflected in local parish, but also in presbytery and synod. Traditionally, presbytery and synod perceived only as a means of church. In GKI progress was made, by defined presbytery and synod not only as once a while assembly events, but permanent structures which are the integral part of the church itself as well as parish is. These three forms of church have their own assemblies as a means to make decisions. This is not a hierarchical structure, as might be presumed by lower and upper structure's layers, but simply broadening structures as the characteristics of reformed church tradition. Synod is wider (not higher) than presbytery and presbytery is wider (not higher) than local parish. Synod consist of all presbyteries and each presbytery consist of all parishes in its own area.

Therefore if you want to know 'what is GKI', you want to know its whole members. Since it is not possible to provide you the 150,000 members in this limited page, we will provide you the Parishes and the Presbyteries as the mirroring of the whole members, also the Ministers and the Foundations as the mirroring of its ministries, the Creeds and the Church Orders as the mirroring of what GKI believes.

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