How to Free Your Life from STRESS (Part 1)

In today’s life, we may say that we will not be able to live in a
stress free life. However, when we want to be honest that’s not true.

To see if this is not true, we have to know what causes STRESS in our
daily life. To make it easier let’s just see some of daily life

Let’s say a student, the most things that will make a student life
stressful is when he or she has to prepare for exam or test on the
subject that he or she is not good at. Another stressful occasion for a
student is to face an exam question that has not been taught in class or
he or she is not good at it. The other stressful occasion is when a
student is waiting for the exam result.

For a business person, the uncertainty on economic, political and
regulation situations will give a stressful effect.

For an employee a stressful life will come when there’s uncertainty
over the continuity of the payment or job where he or she is working.

From the above daily example, we can see that the root of stress in
our life is from an Uncertainty Condition where we
can’t really have a full control over it.

What would happen when we don’t want to free our life from Stress and
what should we do to free our life from stress, these will be discuss
next week.

See you next week on the same topic of How to Free Your Life from

God Bless You

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